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We value our patients' experience at Cunha Family Chiropractic, LLC. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Michael Cunha

Three years ago, I went to Cunha Family Chiropractic. I started seeing Dr. Cunha for neck and back pain. My problems had developed over the years. There was a time when I couldn't even turn my head. Before going to Cunha Family Chiropractic, I went to an orthopedic doctor and he sent me for physical therapy and a rehabilitation program. It took some time, but Dr. Cunha was able to restore function in my neck and help me manage my lower back pain. I would definitely refer friends to see Dr. Cunha. He is concerned about his patient's health issues and is knowledgeable in anatomy. Dr. Cunha and his staff are always friendly, helpful and very accommodating.


Sheila Weinberg

Dr Cunha:

I am pleased to offer you this testimonial of the effects I have experienced from your treatment of my back problems. I've had chronic lower back pain for over 20years, treated by a chiropractor during all that time, and for the two most recent years by an acupuncturist. The back pain increased slowly but steadily over the years. My husband and two of my children, who have been patient of yours, suggested that I try you. I've been your patient now for five months. I am without pain two-thirds to three-quarters of the time. Yesterday, I ironed for an hour and a half, and had no pain. This will seem like a small thing to some, but to someone who lived in constant pain, it is a wonderful accomplishment.


Janet A. Jussaume

My name is Pauline Rodrigues and I have been a patient of Dr Michael Cunha for several months. After having chronic back problems for several years and previous visits to other chiropractors didn't provide long term relief, I am very pleased to credit Dr Cunha with what appears to be lasting relief from pain and the ability to pursue a more active lifestyle. In addition I find Dr Cunha to be a very caring and devoted person. It will be a pleasure to refer him to friends and family.


Pauline Rodrigues

I was a migraine sufferer for over twenty years- the blinding light, intense sharp pain, debilitating kind. They would usually hit every couple of months, sometimes every month and last two days. Work of any kind was impossible. In addition, I started suffering from plantar fascitis, a painful inflammatory condition of the foot, which resulted in me walking on tip toes a good part of everyday - first one foot and then the other. I gave up my workout program, which was really important to me, and I immediately started gaining weight, which helped spiral me into an "eating for comfort" mode. I went from a size 8 to a size 12 in what seemed overnight. The result, of course, was more weight gain and a less than postive self image, to say the least. For a formally active person who had never been sick, suffered very few of the normal colds and flus, this was really difficult. I sought treatment from a physical therapist on the advice of a friend but it made no difference. I also saw a chiropractor for many years. I began to take Imitrix for the migraines and was able to function fairly well, if I "got it" in time. Fast forward to... years ago. A wonderful friend of mine, who also suffered from migraines, dropped by to tell me she was migraine-free for the first time in many years. I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Cunha and to make a long story short I was migraine and plantar fascitis free in what seemed overnight, but was probably a month or two of biweekly visits. Only another migraine sufferer would understand how great this feels! My husband, Michael, continues to see Dr. Cunha with me. Although he never had the severe debilitating symptoms I did, he works with his body and runs for exercise, is constantly pulling muscles, straining himself and generally pushing his body which has long since seen his twenties and thirties when it was much easier to stay fit. Miche says he would never consider giving up our visits with Dr. Cunha. He considers it our health insurance policy. As the owners of a plant nursery/herb shop we see lots of folks who are practicing complimentary or holistic approaches to their health and well being. We've seen lots of migraine sufferers, who in particular, are desperate to find something that works, or are unwilling to have to permanently rely on allopathic medicines. While they may be looking for herbal remedies I always say, "If you really want to get rid of your migraine go see Dr. Michael Cunha." And some have, I'm happy to say, and are migraine-free today!


Judith K. Marcellot

I decided to go to Dr. Cunha about seven or eight years ago. I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my right arm for a long time. I spent a few years checking with my regular doctor, and others and found no relief. I went to a physical therapist and still no relief. I finally decided to give a chiropractor a try and decided to go to Dr. Cunha when a friend told me about him. After my first visit with Dr. Cunha I began to find relief. I knew at that time this was the route I needed to take. The problem that was being felt in my arm had been coming from my back all that time. Dr. Cunha could see the problem in my spine and had me come back regularly to being to make adjustments to get my back in alignment. The muscles in that area had been working overtime and needed relief in order to take away the pain. Dr. Cunha has many charts on his walls about the make up of the spine and the nerves that come out from it. I found it so interesting to see and understand how the pain in an area in my back/spine was being manifested in my arm. He was great at taking time to explain anything I asked. At first I had to come two or threee times a week, but now I am at the point where I go once every three weeks for maintenance. However, if I find anytime in between regular appointments that I have overdone something and my back has felt the effect, Dr. Cunha will always fit me into his schedule. When I began my visits to see Dr. Cunha, he would gently massage the tissue in the area of my back where the muscles and tissueshad knotted up so they would relax. He would then have me take a deep breath and let it out. At that point, he would gently press on my back to release the gases that had built up in my spine. For years I thought that the popping noise that I heard when a spine was being worked on was the moving of the cartilage, but Dr. Cunha explained that it was gases that had built up in the spine that were being released. That was a huge surprise to me, but also a relief to know it was only gases. I also had some stiffness and pain in my lower back from time to time that Dr. Cunha was able to help. My husband had been experiencing a problem with his back for many years. After I had been with Dr. Cunha, my husband's back that has given him problems for years flared up again and I watched him slowly sit up in bed and then slowly and gently get to a standing position. Then he would have to stand by the bed 15 to 20 seconds before he could get moving. I suggested that he give Dr. Cunha a try, but he had worked in a hospital setting for over 23 years and had been told that chiropractic therapy was not a good option. This was an attitude he recieved from many doctors and nurses who have felt this way for many years. He believed them so it was hard to get him to go. However, it go to the point where he finally decided to give it a try. He, too, began to find immediate relief and has been going once a month for maintenace. I find it amazing when I hear him telling others that they should go after hearing them tell of their pain experience. I worked as an office manager at a local church. While there, one of the ladies that attended the church was having major problem with her shoulder. She called me one day for a church related issue and while talking she shared how she was headed for possible surgery on her shoulder. I suggested she give Dr. Cunha a try. She said she had a brother who was trying to get her to see a chiropractor. She finally made an appointment with Dr. Cunha and got the help she needed all along. No surgery, just thanks for the referral and praise for Dr. Cunha. Another lady from the church had taken a fall and hurt her hip. I was able to convince her to give Dr. Cunha a try and she too recieved the help she needed. I have found the staff very friendly and helpful and the waiting area always clean, neat, and pleasent. I have recommended Dr. Cunha to many many people, but I find that many are afraid to go for some reason or another. I would highly recommed Dr. Cunha to anyone experiencing pain. You can only make suggestions to someone, but you can't make them go. I often tell the person I am recommending this type of treatment to that "If you wanto to go on hurting, it's your choice!"


Suzanne J. Treichler

I first started seeing Dr. Cunha in March of 2004. I was suffering from extreme back pain, due to a fall down a flight of stairs. After the fall it was difficult for me to continue working and have fun with my wife and daughter. I haven't seen any other doctors for my lower back pain besides Dr. Cunha...he was my first choice. Being seen by Dr. Cunha has made a tremendous effect on my health. I feel much better and I am able to spend time with my family and friends. I can even squeeze in a golfing match every now and then. I would refer someone to this office in a split second. Dr. Cunha is an awesome doctor and goes out of his way to please others. I don't regret ever coming to this office.

Thank you,

Antonio Furtado

I began care at Dr. Cunha's office in 2006 when I was experiencing lower back pain. I had lived with this pain for approximately 15 years. It was effecting almost everything I did. I had tried different doctors and treatments but nothing was helping. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Cunha's the pain is now gone and i can do anything I want. I have referred friends and family to Dr. Cunha's office and will continue to do so. Dr. Cunha is great, and you can trust him 100% with your problems. The staff is very helpful, kind and always willing to help you schedule your appointments so they are convenient for you. There is no need to live in pain anymore!!! We have Dr. Cunha to help us!


Angie Andrade

I started treating with Dr. Cunha in 2003. I was suffering with lower back pain and spasms since about 1981. Then due to an accident in 2005 my pain progressed to my upper back, middle back, and neck. The pain limited all my daily activities. i had tired many different doctors such as neurosurgeons, physical therapists, primary physician, other chiropractors. When I found Dr. Cunha my medical doctor said it was to my benefit to continue seeing Dr. Cunha. Seeing Dr. Cunha has been a blessing to me. I had arrived in his office in pain and left feeling so much better. He's been able to keep me functioning on a daily basis. Chiropractic is a life giving service for me. Dr. Cunha's staff is a pleasure to deal with. Erin and Corey are friendly, very helpful, courteous, and very accomodating to my needs as a patient. Without them and Dr. Cunha my life would be very hard to deal with and accept. Dr. Cunha has helped me not only physcially, but also emotionally. It's so hard dealing with pain and when you find a doctor who treats you as a whole person, understanding what you are dealing with on a daily basis, well the doctor is a gift to your life. Dr. Cunha is kind, compassionate, and understanding. Vest of all he is a wonderful chiropractor. His very gentleness is a testimony of his skill. Never, ever has he caused me any pain or discomfort. Always after treatments, I feel so much better. recently my husband had an accident and Dr. Cunha has been treating him on a regular basis. Though my husband had to have an operation, it's Dr. Cunha who keeps him functioning to the best physical well being. Both myself and my husband can't say enough good things about Dr. Cunha and his staff. There just doesn't seem to be adequate words to describe our chirpractic experience with Dr. Cunha, Corey, and Erin. I tell everyone I meet that it's Dr. Cunha's great care that keeps me moving, and I sincerely pray every night that Dr. Cunha will be with us for a very, very long time. How blessed I am to have found him. I thank him and my body definitely thanks him! His skill as a chiropractor is beyond expectations. If anyone is looking for a great experience in chiropractic care, I whole heartedly recommend Cunha Family Chiropractic care for you!


Carole Broskoskie

My name is Helana Furtado and I am a babysitter. I first started care at this office in February of 2006. I was having continual neck pain and wasn't able to move my neck from left to right. My neck pain made it hard for me to pick up kids and play with them. Dr. Cunha was the first doctor I went to, to help me with my neck pain. Since that day, I have seen a difference in what I am able to do now, compared to before. I would most definately refer someone to this office. He is one of the est doctors that I know. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my neck besides Dr. Cunha.


Helana Furtado

I became a patient of Dr. Cunha's in 2003 due to pain in my lower back, leg and foot. I had this pain for approximately 6 years. The pain got to a point where exercize was impossible, sitting became difficult and to stand or lift anything was painful for me. I hadn't seen any other doctors or specialists in regards to the pain I was experiencing. Since Dr. Cunha has been treating me I have been feeling much better. My lower back pain is now cured. I am fit and can exercize, maintance is vital! I have and will continue to refer my friends and family to Cunha Family Chiropractic. Everyone that I have referred to visit Dr. Cunha have been extremely satisfied! He has a wonderful staff. They will help you as much as humanly possible. You never have to go without an appointment if it is necessary. They are pleasent and courteous. Dr. Cunha is a kind, warm, caring Doctor. He takes the time with each patient to determine what is wrong. He absolutely never gives up. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of chiropractic medicine. He sincerely cares about the welfare and overall health of each patient. He is the best there is!!!


Sarah D. Hickey

In April 2008, I started care at Cunha Family Chiropractic. I injured my back unloading bricks with my husband, who was building our front steps. I, also, have been a chronic sufferer of migraine headaches for over 10 years. For years, I was physically unfit to perform daily activities. The headaches would last for days. Many of my days were spent lying in bed with an ice pack on my head, vomitting, shades drawn, avoiding any noise or smell as much as possible. I had seen my general physician a few times over the years, but nother ever alleviated the pain, so I stopped going accepting that I would live with the constant suffering of headaches. My sister had been advising me to visit Dr. Cunha for my headaches but I was very hesitant. She had been seeing him with great success regarding hrt back health, but I would always say, "I have already seen a doctor, nothing will help." After my visits with Dr. Cunha my back pain had greatly dimished, and most importantly, I was not experiencing frequent headaches. Now when friends and family ask about my headaches, it's great to say, "I can't remember my last headache." In the present-day, I now think... "If only I had gone to see Dr. Cunha sooner, I would have avoided many days of pain and suffering." I am a strong believer of chiropractic health and recommend others to visit Dr. Cunha and his friendly and caring staff.


Shari Silvia

I began bringing my son Rory to see Dr. Cunha at 3 months old. We brought Rory to ensure his spinal health and to make sure he had the best care possible. Rory has been an incredibly healthy child. When all his friends at day care get sick he stays healthy. he also has only had a very few ear infections which is quite good for someone his age. Rory loves to go Dr. Cunha's office. We go together as a family and Rory literally can't wait to climb onto the table and get his back adjusted. He loves to see Dr. Cunha and it doesn't make him nervous like a traditional Doctors office. On top of all that Dr. Cunha is great with kids and always gets Rory laughing and smiling. The fact that he almost never gets sick lets me know that Dr. Cunha is giving Rory the best care.


Stacey Beshers

(Mother of Rory Beshers)

I first began care at Cunha Family Chiropractic in 2001. I was experiencing migraines and had problems with my right knee and leg. I suffered with these for over 20 years. I had problems with walking due to my leg and knee and the migraines made everything a struggle for me to do. I saw a few other Doctors and specialist but they were not of any help and I continued to deteriorate. Since being treated by Dr. Cunha my migraines are less frequent and my right knee and leg are more mobile due to my ongoing treatment with Dr. Cunha. Dr. Cunha is a well rounded Doctor, who listens to me. He talks to you and not at you. He works in a way that makes me feel very much a part of my own recovery process. He is open to suggestion and has guided me to the right people, places, or things needed in order for me to gain better help. His staff are very helpful, kind, and informed on many levels of care. Overall, Dr. Cunha has made a tremendous impact in my life on many fronts, both physcially and emotionally.


Brenda Rivera

In 1998 I went to see Dr. Cunha because I was experiencing extreme lower back pain and had been experiencing it for several years prior to treatment at his office. I had seen several chiropractors, one of which helped me at the time, but the symptoms came back once I stopped treatment. My back pain started interferring with what I do on a daily basis. It began slowing me down to the point where one day I woke up and was in so much pain I could not get out of bed. Since being a patient of Dr. Cunha's I no longer have extreme lower back pain and I now go to his office for maintenance purposes and I am doing very well. I have and will continue to refer friends and family to his office because Dr. Cunha is a wonderful Doctor! He takes the time to listen to his patients and finds out what seems to work best. He always has his patients best interest at heart. I have been to chiropractors who "crack" you and send you on your way continuing frequent treatment with no end in sight. This is not the case with Dr. Cunha's office. Dr. Cunha treats his patients until they are back to a normal functioning condition and sets up a maintenance schedule should they wish to continue visits for maintenance only. This is a much healthier approach. Dr. Cunha's code of ethics are impecable and his care for his patients needs exceeds all of his work. I would recommend Dr. Cunha to anyone who needs chiropractic services.


Wendy Catarino

When I had gotten into a car accident I began to vist Dr. Cunha's office. My back, hips, and neck were in deep pain and very stiff. I had seen my physician after the accident who prescibed medicine that did not help at all. I then decided to call Cunha Family Chiropractic and see if Dr. Cunha could help. I wento for my first visit and when I left I felt instantly 75% better before I had even elft the office. Since first going to Dr. Cunha I have noticed and feel much better. I now only go in once a month. The only pain I sometimes experience is in my hips. The service at Dr. Cunha's is always with a friendly smile every single visit is so gratifying. I really appreciate it. The receptionists are so pleasent to checking me in to scheduling my next appointment to email me reminders. Dr. Cunha is so pleasent and asks how I'm doing for updates on my status. The exercises and massage to strengthen my back and hips feel so good and it relieves the pain and stress. I love that he's available anytime to talk to me or to get me in right away when I need him.


Rochelle Ives 

I first started being seen by Dr. Cunha in September of 2008. Before seeing Dr. Cunha I was frequently in the emergency room and I needed to stay over night. I wasn't able to do any after school sports that I wanted to. I wanted to run track, but I always got sharp pains which made it difficult for me to run. I had to quit the team. It took many years and many doctors' appointments, but now I am finally feeling better. Since I started being seen by Dr. Cunha, I have only been to the hospital once. He has made a tremendous effect on my health. I would definately recommend someone to this office. It is always worth the drive. Dr. Cunha is a great doctor. He is the only doctor I like going to. Dr. Cunha is always smiling and makes me laugh which is a great quality to have as a doctor.

Thank you,

Beatriz Furtado

I started treatment with Dr. Cunha in early 2002. As a result of a sledding accident I could not turn my head all the way in either direction for about two years. I was suffering from severe hip bursitis that I could barely walk, and I was getting multiple migraines per week. These ailments were effecting my daily life. I could not look backwards while driving my car, I had to turn my entire body in order to see, the bursitis was so painful I had to ask my husband or son to help me walk. I was walking like I was 85 at the age of 35. The migraines were so intense there were times I would stay on the couch for literally weeks because the pain was so bad, the sound of my feet walking on the floor was too loud for me. These severe migraines would happen 3-4 times per week. On top of all of this I was a runner and also suffered knee injuries due to my lower back and hips being uneven. I have been to numerous physical therapists, an orthopedist, and a neuroologist. Physcial therapist tried ultrasound therapy,stretching, and excercises but they did not help. The orthopediest gave me cortisone shots to relieve the hip pain but that did not last. The neurologist put me on over 25 different "preventative" medications, some causing many side effects. I finally went to Dr. Cunha. After my first visit to Dr. Cunha I could turn my head, it needed a few visits but since 2002 I have had full range of motion in my neck. The hip bursitis- I remember saying to him, "no else can help me so I figured why not try Dr. Cunha as a last resort." He should have been my first resort (now I know better) Once again I was able to leave his office walking almost normal after just one visit. I needed several visits several times a week, but within a matter of weeks Dr. Cunha had done what the orthopediest and physical therapist could not. The migraines- Dr. Cunha looked at my migraine diary that I kept daily. He studied it to see if he could find any triggers. He researched migraines, looked at my MRI's, since seeing Dr. Cunha (right now I am still no a weekly basis) I have gotten off of all preventative medications. I have maybe 1 to 2 migraines per week still, but their level has decreased from 9-10 on a scale from 1-10 to about a 5-6 and nothing in between the migraines (I always felt a lot of pressure in my head on days that the migraines were not so intense.) Since I have had such a great experience with Dr. Cunha I have and will continue to refer anyone and everyone without hesitation. Dr. Cunha has been incredible. I am not sure what I would have done without his help. He listened to my problems. I have been to so many doctors that you know are not listening or really care but it is so obvious in everything Dr. Cunha does that he really cares about his patients. I have talkedhighly about him to my doctor and my neurologist. The neurologist even took down his name because of what he has done for me. My two sons and I have been seeing Dr. Cunha since 2002. I completely trust him with my boys. There have been times that they have asked when they are going back to see Dr. Cunha because they could feel that they needed an adjustment and Dr. Cunha would always accomodate them. Dr. Cunha's receptionist Corey is wonderful as well. She always greets everyone by their name and always with a friendly smile. The experience at Cunha Family Chiropractic has been great!


Lynn Mazick

My two sons started seeing seeing Dr. Cunha in November of 2010. My son Austin is in sports and was having some spasms in his calves and every time he played football. Now my son Austin truly looks up to Dr. Cunha, in fact he is looking at going into sports therapy and maybe even chiropractic! I couldn't live without Dr. Cunha's expertise, he is my perscription to keeping healthy. My son Billy also comes to see Dr. Cunha and since he is autistic, he is unable to tell me what hurts because he doesn't talk. Several years ago, I took him to see another chiropractor and he was not very understanding about Billy's autism. Billy would freak out just pulling into the doctors office. I can tell you, since Billy has been adjusted by Dr. Cunha he sleeps more soundly and he does not freak out at all. Dr. Cunha is so awesome with my Billy, he makes him feel totally relaxed. I wish all doctors were as good as he.


Katherine Cooper

My name is Linda and I am a teacher’s assistant in Bristol, Rhode Island.I first came to Cunha Family Chiropractic in December of 2012 because I was in a severe car accident that totaled my car.I was in a lot of pain and had a lot of joint stiffness. Because I no longer had a car due to the accident I was forced to walk or take the bus to work.

It is February 8, 2013 and I am feeling 95% better!! My posture has improved as well.

From time to time, we all need to see a Doctor for various reasons. Not all doctors have a wonderful bed side manor…even though they can treat and often cure your ailments.

Dr. Cunha has everything you need and desire in a Doctor. He is friendly…and when you are sick or scared, this becomes a wonderful attribute. Dr. Cunha is patient and sincere.He is very comforting in many ways. Dr. Cunha offers explanations about your treatment which helps to lessen ones fears. But, above all, Dr. Cunha leaves you with the feeling that he truly cares about you…inside and out.

Linda Heroux


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