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Lucy Simao

 "I was experiencing frequent headaches and lower back pain. After hearing wonderful things about the staff and Dr. Cunha, I decided to become a patient. I have been a patient since 2005, and my headaches and lower back pain gradually went away with the treatments and stretches that Dr. Cunha recommended. I was asked to join his practice in August of 2011. Not only is he helping me with my lower back pain and headaches, he is a great person to work for!"


Kristen Moitoza

"My name is Kristen, I am a 25 year old mother of two beautiful girls. I enjoy working at Cunha Family Chiropractic, the employees and patients brighten up my day. I suffer from migraine headaches and a few patients have shared their stories with me. I am not only an employee at Dr. Cunha's office, but now I am a patient and my headaches have decreased in severity."


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